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Alex Rodriguez | The Primadonna of Primobolan [Feb. 7, 2009]

Four different sources have informed Sports Illustrated that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids during the 2003 anonymous drug testing program.

The 2003 anonymous samples and test results were the benchmark to determine whether random testing would be needed in professional baseball. The Baseball Players Union and MLB agreed that if 5-7% of the anonymous tests came back positive, stricter testing with penalties would begin in 2004. It was originally believed that 90 MLB pros tested positive. Now, it appears that the number of positive tests was 104 bringing the percentage to over 7%.

During 2003, Alex Rodriguez won the AL home run title and the MVP while playing for the Texas Rangers. He is considered to the the best baseball player in Major League Baseball at the present time and is considered a shoe-in to become the next Home Run during his present 10 year contract with the New York Yankees.

If this allegations are further substantiated, Rodriguez will join the group of cheats who have clearly broken MLB's drug policy. Since 1991, the MLB drug policy has not allowed steroid use unless the player possessed a legitimate prescription. By testing positive in 2003, and not having a prescription, A-Rod was clearly in violation of the MLB Drug Policy, as was the other 103 players on the anonymous test list.

It needs to be clear that 104 players are on that list. Presumably, Barry Bonds is recorded as not testing positive, but subsequent tests by federal investigators have found that Bonds did indeed have the same steroid in his urine as A-Rod did. The Bonds' results brings the validity of the tests into question and makes one wonder how many players were really taking steroids.

The steroid that was detected in both Bonds and Rodriguez's urine is called Primobolan, It is most commonly referred to by the chemical name of methenolene. Both Bonds and Rodriquez apparently were taking that drug to maintain lean muscle while avoiding any significant bulking.

In his book, Bases Loaded, Kirk Radomski mentions that many players started taking Primobolan in 2003 knowing that the anonymous steroid tests were going to be administered. Primobolan is detectable for a shorter period of time than Deca-Durabolin. According to many sources, Deca-Durabolin used to be the steroid of choice by MLB Players prior to testing.





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