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Steroid Timeline: From Germany to USA

Commissioners and Controversy
- Kenesaw Landis
- Albert Chandler
- Ford Frick
- Colonel Eckert
- Bowie Kuhn
- Peter Uberroth
- A. Bartlett Giamatta
- Francis Vincent
- Alan Selig

Balco Timeline

Mitchell Report (409 pg pdf)

- 2002-06 Collective
Bargaining Agreement (pdf)

- 2007-11 Collective
Bargaining Agreement (pdf)



Alex Rodriguez | Primadonna of Primobolan

[2/7/09] Rodriguez will join the group of cheats...
Since 1991, the MLB drug policy has not allowed steroid
use unless the player possessed a legitimate prescription...


Barry Bonds is Circling the Drain

[2/5/09] Reports have surfaced this week that federal agents
have obtained records from BALCO confirming that Bonds
tested positive on three separate occasions for steroid use...


My thoughts on Radomski's new book "Bases Loaded"

[2/2/09] Here's an excerpt:
"In his statement to Congress, Selig initially lied about the facts surrounding the decrease in positive tests during 2004."
Interested? Click here to read the rest.


Did Roger Clemens Take It In The Butt?

The following text is taken directly from the Mitchell Report:
"Toward the end of the road trip which included the Marlins series, or shortly after the Blue Jays returned home to Toronto, Clemens approached McNamee and, for the first time, brought up the subject of using steroids. Clemens said that he was not able to inject himself, and he asked for McNamee's help."
Read the Clemen's Section of the Mitchell Report.












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